Service Links and the next 2.2

Here the list of the modifies which will be applied in the ongoing 2.x and future 2.2 release.

Colors: To Do, Under Work, Completed, Postponed.

Service Links 3.x, beyond the 2.x branch

A brief story about the 2.x

Fundamentally, the 2.x born to refresh the project which exists since Drupal 4.6 and from its first version had not many changes in features or number of services.

Facebook Like doesn't allow to like anymore

After the latest changes in the Facebook Like button some user registered a change in the number of pages counted when their website switched to https.

Don't consider the real URL would be rather abnormal for a social button if was not for antoher critical bug i registered which affect its normal behaviour: the like button, despite showing the correct number and apparently working right, didn't allow to like any content, once logged in Facebook, a popup window show for few seconds and nothing allow to confirm the action.

Linkedin Share Button bad counting

Today i noticed that Linkedin Share Button doesn't show its counter for some article i shared some time ago, so the first thought was to check the developer page to find some news about the code used, but nothing seem changed.

As next step i shared another content to see if it works at least with new shares, the window pop up as always but the counter is updated after some minute.

Service Links 2.1 is out

After a long period of development i decided to don't wait for complete my wish list before release a stable version because the 6.x-2.0 was really old and outdated, and some services was not working anymore.

My personal plan for Service Links 2.1

Here i would like add some details about my personal to-do list and let know at what point i am.
This page will be update daily or weekly for add other tasks or change their status!

Colors: To Do, Under Work, Completed, Postponed


Facebook Share doesn't show the counter anymore

Since yesterday i noticed that the counter of Facebook Share widget doesn't work properly, it's always at zero also for pages that have more than one sharing, so the little box doesn't show anymore.

Facebook had already announced in the past to substitute Facebook Share in favour of Facebook Like, and looking the official documentation, the info about the first widget doesn't show up anymore.

Service Links towards the 2.1

After 5 months since Service Links reached the 2.0 version, new proposals have been suggested on the queue issue in addition to the old requests not yet implemented.
Some of them was requiring a step forward in the main module, others was needing a more strong idea for glue the new features in a forward-looking approach. Infact the most difficult thing, sometimes, is not implement a new feature but give it a sense and a right place inside a piece of software.


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