About Service Links

Service Links is a Drupal module which provides a system to integrate links to social networks, online bookmark services, search engines, news aggregator and similar, within the published contents or pages.

It aims to be a framework helping third part developers to add easily other services just writing a custom module without modify the original code, in this sense the included module Widget Services is a good example about how simple is to add complex dynamic buttons reusing the infrastructure given by the main module.

The general development is focused to extend the number of features more than the number of services, anyway the dozen of requests excluded from the standard packages will find a place in this website where an interface will help to generate automatically an Extra Services module.

If you want give it a try download it directly from the project page on Drupal.org, more info about the license are included whitin the package.


  • Three different styles allowed: text, image, image and text;
  • the administrator can decide to show service links for:
    • content types;
    • vocabulary terms;
    • user roles;
    • kind of rendered node (full page, teaser, both);
    • include/exclude paths where Service Links displays specifying relative addresses or using a PHP code, like blocks do;
    • dispose a block for node contents and a block for not-node pages.
  • icons are selected and arranged through a nice drag and drop table;
  • custom icons may be specified in a different folder.
  • services are packed in different sub-modules and split by language: Basque, Dutch, Farsi, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, look the sample page;
  • a package called General is reserved to the most used services (Digg, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, ...) and internationally known;
  • some dynamic buttons are included in the Service Widgets module: Facebook like, Facebook share, Google Plus One, Linkedin Share Button, Pinterest Button, Twitter Button;
  • the browser bookmarking is allowed through Favorite Services which make use of a little javascript included;
  • Print and Forward modules are supported by Print and Forward services.
  • support for Share module (only Drupal 6.x);
  • use of short urls also through Shorten URLs;
  • support for Displays Suite as group or single service through Service Links Display plugin;
  • support for Sprites through Service Links Sprites plugin;
  • the title of link can be override with Token placeholders;
  • two APIs allow developers to print the whole set of services, or a subset of them, everywhere they want.