General Settings

Where to show Service Links

Service Links in linksService Links in nodes Service Links can show both in the link section or as part of the node, two different combo box will help to select between the two standard views: teaser or full.

Page specific visibility settings

Page specific visibility settings Who want show or hide the selected services for certain webpages, can use the Page Visiblity feature. It works exactly as for blocks: selected one of the three options the textbox can host a list of path to exclude or include either a PHP code which return a TRUE or FALSE value. This feature is suggested to exclude Service Links from RSS or search page.

How to Display Service Links

Other displaying optionsChoose a style Services can be shown as Text, Image, Image and Text. Two checboxes, if selected, hide Service Links to the same author of the current content and when the content is unpublished. About Service Links in nodes, the label that appear above the links can be changed or removed leaving the textbox empty, its position can be moved up or down the other parts in the page assigning it a different weight to the combobox. Cute small icons are provided for each service, but who want can use a different set of icon in a different folder just changing the path in the related textbox, without overwrite (and remove) the originals; a checkbox will specify to look in the original folder when some of them is missing.

Extra options (for link)

Open linksExtra Options Links can open in a new window selecting the properly option, but be aware that the not XHTML standard target attribute will be set on each link 100mg viagra. You may also queue some option to the link URL to be passed as parameter, so who will click on it will send you back the info attached, useful for build some statistic system.

Extra options (for title tag)

Use Token to override the titleOverride the original titleHow to fill the title tag Each link send to social network at least the page url and in most of cases also a custom title. This last can be overriden with additional text writing in the textbox everything beside the placeholder <title>. Installing the Token module, and selecting the properly option, more useful and smart placeholders can be used to add details to the title sent but in this case the one representing the title is [node:title].

Short URLs

Short linksShort links optionsDomain redirect Short URLs are useful to save space with social networks like Twitter which doesn't allow posts with strings long more than 140 characters. But could be useful extend this option to all the services selected because some of these short url websites offer also statistic data about number of clicks and users. Service Links uses as default short url service the older tinyurl, but who want can install the Shorten URLs module and configure his favorite. Using them be aware that some server provider deny to PHP scripts the use of some functions needed for generate the short url, that's why there are two alternative methods based on the node number and on the main domain redirection.