Service Links Project Page1 Point your browser on the Service Links Project page
Select the version to download2 Select the package to download
Extract the archive in the right folder3 Extract the package in the Drupal subfolder sites/all/modules
Select the main module from the admin/modules page4 Go to the Admin » Modules page and select the main module Service Links
Enable one or more Service packagesEnable one or more Service packages5 Enable at least one of the Service packages listed


Could you please provide a step by step set of instructions on the best way to upgrade to the current version of the service links module. Can I just disable the current 1.0 module, delete the files, and then do a fresh install of the new module since it is so different. Or is there a more precise method of upgrading. I don't want to mess my site up with the upgrade. Any help would be much appreciated. I'll even donate!!!