Service Links and the next 2.2

Here the list of the modifies which will be applied in the ongoing 2.x and future 2.2 release.

Colors: To Do, Under Work, Completed, Postponed.

Allow different view modes
Service Links now allows to choice the single view modes where display the group of services selected.
Update Google plus one
There are new options to be integrated
Re-implement Facebook Share
This button has been deprecated, should re-implement this using Facebook SDK
Different styles for different view modes
Each view mode will have a different configurable style wheter it is shown on Links or Node section
Extendable Styles
Improve the hook_sl_styles() to allow different styles to be used, implementing this system also for the standard styles
Allow the altering of data before the creation of tags
Probably the URL is the only data to consider
Code cleanup
Documentation and source code require a clean up
Provide Service Links as extra field too
This will be the start to the integration with Fields
Improve the support for services generated by external modules
The function service_links_expand_path() should be reworked to add the ability to override the main path through the APIs
Create subpages for every widget admin section
To don't get a bulky widget administration tab