My personal plan for Service Links 2.1

Here i would like add some details about my personal to-do list and let know at what point i am.
This page will be update daily or weekly for add other tasks or change their status!

Colors: To Do, Under Work, Completed, Postponed

Where and how to show Service Links
Actually the settings limit to show the services on the teaser, on the full page or both. I would like to integrate also the rss-teaser, and in a second moment, allow different style for different views.
Adding more widgets
Google Buzz, Stumbleupon
Acquire the icon path on service_links_load_settings()
Moving this param as setting item, it become automatically overwritable and more different folder can be specified for blocks.
Remove the Fisheye block
Fisheye block seem a surplus feature without meant, this could become a standard style when the icon context variable is introduced as param on the theme_service_links_build_link().
Hide Service Links for matching pages
This is the same mechanism which hide Drupal blocks for certain conditions.
Refactor of service_links_render() api
The third item required is now an array which may override any setting used internally.
Best support for multilingual sites
On multilingual sites services like Print, Forward and Favorite wasn't working well, because the link was pointing a cached url.
Other services
Static services not yet included will be listed here on different pages where users can get the related code to add in a custom module or the full code needed to generate it. Look the menu above to reach them.
Through the Service Links Sprites plugin it's now possible to group all the images used by the selected services in one unique image file in png format. The two needed file (the CSS style sheet and the PNG image) are automatically generated everytime the service's table is saved
Widget support
This kind of services require usually one or more external javascript and extra attributes; the items actually supported are: Digg Smart Button, Facebook Like and Share, Google +1, Linkedin Share Button, Twitter Button
Node Displays integration
This external module allow people to "format" the content removing and rearranging items (title, body, fields...), giving a different layout without customize the current theme through PHP code. Service Links provide two kind of fields (the single service for each service allowed and the whole group) to move freely in this new layout system!
New preset field allowed on Service Links API
The new field preset allow developers to change/add/elaborate info on the three variables passed ($settings, $services, $node) before the service is elaborated by the API
Allow to define more styles
Through hook_sl_styles() an external module can add other styles
Dynamic title
The title sent to the social network can be overriden with some variable string using Tokens (supported by Pagetitle too), either add extra text after/before it.
Configurable weight for Service Links in node
The block appearing in the node can be moved up and down just assigning a weight.
Other fixes
  • removed old services and added new ones (look the sample page for more info);
  • auto-hide on pages generated by Print;
  • theme functions moved on external file;
  • introduced raw-encoded-xxx tags;
  • fixed the bad behaviour it had with modules which switch the default theme;
  • on Drupal 7 Display Suite changed the hook, so the plugin has been reworked;



Could you also give some info regarding the Drupal 7 roadmap? Is there a possibility that we get at least a beta version soon? Even the basic functionality would be enough for most of the people planning to use the module...

I apologize for the very late reply, but i have to take confidence with the dashboard,

About the dev version is enough stable to be used also if there is not any beta available.

Some month ago i learnt that people like to use the dev version as beta, so i'm trying to commit only tested code there, in fact the version running here is the latest 7.x-2.x and the unstable branch for experiments is pratically defunct.

However a beta version could be useful for the 6.x users which should switch from the old 2.0 to the more stable and updated 2.1alpha, so i think to release at least an alpha version these days for the two branches.

I am sorry if i can't be more explicit about a roadmap and release times but i'm developing the code almost alone, excluding the great support given by the community finding errors and suggesting new features, and in my spare time :-)

Do you have any plans to add a pin it widget for pinterest?

Pinterest is already in dev!

Could be good, save the like count on the drupal database too. Or the option to take that from the social network directed by Json

A statistical feature was planned, but the few resources collected don't help me to work on this project so i had to strip it out together with other planned features.