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Open microblogging platform Sina micro-blog is a system based on open information subscriptions, sharing and exchange platform. Open microblogging platform gives you a massive microblogging information, fan relations, as well as information on fission occurs anywhere communication channels.
You can log in and create a platform for applications, use the microblogging platform provides the interface to create interesting applications, or to get your site has more social features.

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Mail.Ru Group - the largest Internet company in the Russian segment of the web and the leading player headings on monthly unique visitors. The composition of Mail.Ru Group is the most popular Russian free email service, and two of the largest in runet instant messenger - Mail.Ru Agent and ICQ. The company operates two leading Russian social networks, Moi [email protected] and classmates, and also owns a significant stake in the social network VKontakte.

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Mail.Ru Group (LSE:MAIL, listed since November 5, 2010) is a leading Internet company in the high-growth Russian-speaking Internet markets (Russia is Europe's largest Internet market measured by number of users, comScore). Mail.Ru Group's sites reach approximately 84% of Russian Internet users on a monthly basis (comScore, October 2012) and the Company is in the TOP-5 largest Internet business, based on the number of total pages viewed (comScore, October 2012).

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VK is the largest European social network with over a 100 million active users.

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Plurk is an easy way to chronicle and share the things you do, the way you feel, and all the other things in between that make up your life, with the people close to you. It's instant gratification, instant self-indulgence, instant celebrity, instantly YOU. Share your life stream, live your life….Plurk!

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Service Links and the next 2.2

Here the list of the modifies which will be applied in the ongoing 2.x and future 2.2 release.

Colors: To Do, Under Work, Completed, Postponed.

Facebook Like doesn't allow to like anymore

After the latest changes in the Facebook Like button some user registered a change in the number of pages counted when their website switched to https.

Don't consider the real URL would be rather abnormal for a social button if was not for antoher critical bug i registered which affect its normal behaviour: the like button, despite showing the correct number and apparently working right, didn't allow to like any content, once logged in Facebook, a popup window show for few seconds and nothing allow to confirm the action.


Russian social network for classmates and old friends.