Service Links 2.1 is out

After a long period of development i decided to don't wait for complete my wish list before release a stable version because the 6.x-2.0 was really old and outdated, and some services was not working anymore.

Since many people was waiting for a stable release i decided to stop adding more features also because more code means more time to spend debugging it and rework old parts, and obviously... more bugs to handle, that's incompatible with the time i can actually dedicate to this project. However, this release introduce a lot of significant improvements and new features compared to the 2.0 and concerning the 7.x-2.x version, this represent the first stable release, an important step also for have a voice on the translation server.

More info about changes and improvements are available on my to-do list and the values postponed will be developed for the next 2.2
Another thing i should improve and organize is the documentation: there is already a nice page on, but i would structurate it better and enrich it with some nice image, explaining all the settings availables and collecting some good example for developers who like to use the Service Links APIs.

That's all for now, waiting for a wand i wish invite the users to enjoy this release, downloading it from the project page!


Thanks a lot, fixed it!