What is Linkroll?

Linkroll is a free link blogging service.

At a personal level you can bookmark, categorize and comment on all the great web pages/links you find. All your bookmarks are then sortable and searchable by category and date. All bookmarks are also accessible, by category and/or user, in the form of RSS feed (for your news aggregator), or JavaScript (for syndication on your own web site)

It works on a group level by enabling you to browse other user's bookmarks, and subscribe to users and link categories that appeal to you. Using the subscribe function (requires registration) you can create a unique view of all bookmarks related to things and people that interest you. Conversely, there is also an ignore you can ignore particular users or link categories which don't appeal to you.

More info at

$links['linkroll'] = array( 'name' => 'Linkroll', 'description' => t('Bookmark it on Linkroll'), 'link' => '<raw-encoded-url>&title=<raw-encoded-title>', );
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