Sphinn is a curated content site for search and online marketers. Sphinn accepts news tips and discussion topics from readers and aggregates the best of those with selections made by our editors to produce an ongoing look at the most important online marketing content each day. Sphinn is best used for discovering news stories and how-to articles and/or reading and participating in discussions with industry peers. Here's a summary of how to get started:

Discover News: The Hot News area of Sphinn is what you'll see by default when you come into the site. It's our home page. This area shows you news stories and discussions that our editors have chosen to feature. If you're busy and want to know what's hot, Hot News delivers this to you at a glance. You can even get information sent to you via email or news feed.

Submit News Tip: Read a news story you want to share with others http://viagraindian...l/? Use the Submit News Tip tab to enter the story's URL and share it with our team of editors. If you're not a Sphinn member, you can still submit news to our editors via Twitter. Just include "tip @sphinn" in your tweet and our editors will review your link as if you'd submitted it directly here on Sphinn. If the editors agree, it'll be published to our home page and you'll be credited as the source.

Discussions: Want to talk about something relating to internet or search engine marketing? Use the Start A Discussion tab. Give your topic a title, put it in the correct category, and start the discussion off with your thoughts. If it's published, others can then add their comments to what you've said, and you can respond in turn.

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